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Commissioning & Sales  

Here at Atlantic, We take pride in providing a sophisticated knowledge base of all things Meter. We have established connections with top brands such as Itron, Leviton, Socomec, GridGear, etc. We chose to only provide the best metering solutions for our customers. 

Sub Metering Consultants

Our Techs at Atlantic Meter Supply are trained and ready to provide meter testing, programming, troubleshooting, commissioning reports, and configuring communication systems.

Our sub metering consultants will help guide you in your electrical and water sub metering requirements. Understand the ever evolving metering technologies, regulatory laws, and how they affect residential, commercial and industrial properties. The implementation of a smart metering system is necessary for managing your utilities, cost allocation, energy conservation and critical equipment oversight. Sub metering systems will assist in oversight of annual benchmarking, energy audit, and energy efficiency standards set by legislation.


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